Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hey Everybody,
With my new book series (and first graphic novel chapter book) about to be released, I figured I'd send off an email about it before my life becomes too hectic to email. The series is called Stickfiguratively Speaking, and the first book that has been retold and illustrated(in stick figures) by the pen of Jamison Odone is, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. A quick note about this project and specifically a illustrating text as beloved as Alice:

This all happened so fast and the drawings and writing became a marathon of work within a three month span of sleepless nights, gallons of coffee and plenty of re-runs of House. I'm quite proud of this book and the series as a whole. Everybody knows the story of Alice and the perfect drawings of John Tenniel, my goal with the first book in the series was to do something completely different from the Victorian eloquence of the Tenniel drawings, and make the story my own. I have done this book with an extreme amount respect for Carroll and Tenniel and I am proud to say that this version of Alice, truly looks like no other.

With the release of the book I will also be hopping around from place to place with what is already quite a full list of signings and events. I'm going to do my very best to keep all of these updated and posted on my blog( so please keep checking in.

The book is available for pre-order now but the official release date is March 5th. All of the usual book sellers in stores and online will have it--Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders as well as getting it directly through the publisher(which I suggest), at The staff at this publishing house has been so great to work with. Their enthusiasm and love of this book has really kept a smile on my face. They are a promotions MACHINE and have been lining up some really cool events--

Very soon, the party store chain Iparty, will announce a contest where I will come to one school in each of the New England states, Iparty and I will have what is being called, "An Art Class In Wonderland". The schools will win copies of the book as well as a completely decked out Wonderland themed party for a class of kiddies. Sound cool? It will be!

I've attached an image of the book cover so feel free to send it around to your friends and TELL THE UNIVERSE about it!

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