Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marcella Kurowski '05

The Gallery at Black Rock will open its 2010 season: Improvised Miscreation, featuring the work of Marcella Kurowski. The show opens September 17th with an Artist Reception from 6 until 9 pm.

Ms Kurowski, a Bridgeport native has been part of the Connecticut art scene for over 10 years and has often worked under the pseudonym “Looketha”. Marcella will be working under her given name signaling a new phase in her artistic work.

The show is grouped together by Kurowski’s processes in which she begins painting freely letting the paint hit the canvass in an uncalculated but intuitive way. The organic elements are then dissolved and amplified creating a dominant central image juxtaposed with the more vague and emotional elements of the painting.

The work cumulates forms with human figurative qualities that draw the viewer into an alternate reality evoking both an original unique being as well as communicating an unseen and emotive visual message.

Kurowski’s canvasses are visually rich and filled with movement and emotion. Her figures can be lovable and approachable or otherworldly and dissonant. The show will seek to transport the viewer to a world where things are not always as they seem and emotion and movement create a space alive with possibility for the participants imagination to delve into.

Marcella often paints as part of a duo with her husband Christopher Cavaliere. Mr Cavaliere, recently voted Best instrumental musician by the Fairfield County Weekly readers will be composing an original piece titled, Adaption To Improvised Miscreation for the shows opening.

The show opens at The Gallery at Black Rock on September 17th and will run through October 22nd for more information Please call the gallery at 203.814.6856

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