Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Melissa Hatch Sheldrake '00

Missy Sheldrake writes, "This month I'll be heading over to Tiny Toes Dance Academy to work on my next in a series of murals, this time for the reception area. I had so much fun there back in September that I'm really looking forward to this project! Check out the gallery here, and check out Tiny Toes if you've got a little one whose toes can't stop tapping.

I'm also really excited about my recent collaborative efforts with Rocknoceros. We're working together to publish a book that will accompany their next album, which I'll be exclusively illustrating. Both the book and the album are due for release later this year.

2011 is promising to be filled with adventure and magic. I hope to see you along the way! :)" Check out Missy's website to see more of her murals. www.muralsbymissy.com/gallery.html

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