Tuesday, July 26, 2011

John Kane '76

John writes, "Here is a little blurb on my latest. We also have just come out with the new Pilobolus Calander and my guess is it will be up for some competitions but too soon to say which. He works with Korokoro, a full-company Pilobolus Dance Theater piece created with Takuya Muramatsu, the principal choreographer from Dairakudakan, one of Japan's most intriguing butoh companies and I, photographer and WCSU grad, and sometime adjunct professor will be debuted at the the renowned Joyce Theater in Manhattan." He states, “This is the first live performance digital work that I’ve done. It goes way beyond simple photography to a hybrid of photography, film and live performance” He adds, “ Having worked with this and other dance and theater companies over the years my heart is still with capturing the moment in stills, but this was a real blast to be part of a live theater piece in Manhattan”

Kane’s work can also be seen on posters and bill boards throughout the city and subways promoting the Pilobolus NYC season July 11th through August 6th at the The Joyce Theater 175 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10011 212-691-9740.

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