Monday, August 22, 2011

Michael Liebhaber MFA '06

Michael writes, "I was appointed Professor at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) in Europe in May. It’s part of the U. of Maryland system, but the primary mission of UMUC is to teach military people and their dependents in Europe and Asia. My title is Professor of Psychology and Art. I have only taught Psychology so far because the demand for Psychology is great and I am the only Psychology instructor in the area. I am based out of Ramstein Air Force Base in Southwestern Germany. I taught summer session, and the Fall term begins today, August 22nd.

I arrived in Germany in the middle of May. The settling in process has taken much longer and was WAY more expensive than I thought it would be; I had to find a place to live, buy a car, and I am now slowly accumulating fundamental household items. My apartment is unfurnished. My landlords took pity on me and gave me a spare bedroom set (bed, closet, nightstand, & small cabinet). Side note: Bedrooms do not come with closets (bare walls only). Closets are big wooden cabinets with doors, purchased at places like IKEA. I’ll buy furniture when my car is paid off.

I live 2 blocks from a national forest. This entire region is hills and forest, so it’s scenic and green, but it also rains a lot. We are at the same latitude as Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, so the temperature is a bit cool, too. Hiking, mountain biking and motorcycling in the woods are big activities. The town of Frankenstein, and its castle, are an easy six miles away.

On the art front - I have started
drawing again. You can see more of my latest work on my blog ( My apartment has room for a studio, so I hope to get that going asap.

Photos of my apartment and the surrounding area:"

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