Thursday, December 15, 2011


I received the following letter regarding CT Review:

December 13, 2011
Dear Colleagues:
As the fall semester draws to a close, we are pleased to inform you that Connecticut Review, the literary journal of the Connecticut State University System, will continue to
be published as it has been since 1967. While the publication was in jeopardy for a time, through the diligent efforts of faculty and administrators committed to its continuation, you should begin seeing the Fall issue on campus shortly.

There have been, however, a number of changes—in part as a result of necessary budget reductions. You may first notice some revisions to the masthead of the publication, its binding, and the initial pages. The publication name, Connecticut Review, is now featured more prominently. The number of pages is slightly changed; so is the manner in which artwork is presented in the journal.

The distribution method has been modified as well. As you know, Connecticut Review has previously been distributed free of charge to all interested faculty and staff. Beginning this academic year, a reduced number of copies will be distributed to each of the CSUS campuses. Rather than being sent directly to individual faculty members, the journals
will arrive at each department and other key venues on campus. We would appreciate
your seeking out a copy from a colleague, and passing it along afterwards to others who
may be interested. You may also read it on the Connecticut Review website, which is to be updated shortly to include the Fall 2011 issue.
We greatly appreciate your continued support for Connecticut Review. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Louise H. Feroe, Acting Chancellor
Connecticut State University System

Jian-Zhong Lin, Senior Editor
Eastern Connecticut State University

Vivian C. Shipley, Editor
Southern Connecticut State University
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