Thursday, October 18, 2012

Artists breakfast request

Good morning!  

I co-chair the upcoming Business Supports the Arts Breakfast, hosted by The Cultural Alliance (HVCA).  I am a fine artist, own an arts school, and as well, create public art.  I write to you, artist-to-artist, with news of funding possibilities for artistic endeavors by all of us.  I'd like to inform you that the breakfast this year will be of specific interest to individual artists that now have newly developed opportunities to partner with cities, towns and corporations to create art motivated by us, the artists. 

Response to The Cultural Alliance's invitation to attend the breakfast has been astounding this year, in big part due to the key note speaker, Kip Bergstrom, the Deputy Commissioner of our state's  Commission on the Arts.  Not only his commission, but Kip himself, deeply believe in and recognize the importance of the individual artist in the big picture of Placemaking, and Economic Development.  His keynote address at the October 29, 2012 breakfast is sure to spark the imagination and feed the motivation of all of us with regard to the funding opportunities being made available directly to artists.

My partner Bruce and I received one of 7 grants made available to artists by the Commission on the Arts this year, partnering with  municipalities, in the City Canvases initiative.  It has been a phenomenal, creative, innovative experience to work with the state on this project.  I urge all of you as artists to make a point of attending this breakfast to gain a full understanding of the back story of the opportunities that await motivated artists that pursue the many new avenues being presented to our creative community!  As well, you will hear firsthand the definition of creative placemaking and economic development with respect to the arts.

The cost per ticket is $30.  There will be entertainment, music, an impressive raffle, a most unique, delicious breakfast menu and the chance to not only be inspired by Kip Bergstrom's comments but also more knowledgeable with regard to your own artistic success.  You can email me for further information if you have any questions!

Don't hesitate!  You must reserve your place by visiting
The breakfast is right round the corner and at this point seating is limited.  I know personally how vital being informed of these opportunities is, so I hope to see many of you, my fellow artists, at this event!
Joanne Hunter
Eileen adds, Dan Goble will be one of the speakers.

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