Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adrift In Macao Auditions

TheatreWorks New Milford, New Milford
4 men, 3 women

December 10 and 11, 7:00pm - 9:00pm at TheatreWorks

Adrift In Macao, Book and Lyrics by Christopher Durang
Music by Peter Melnick
Directed by Bradford Blake

Nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Best Music, Adrift in Macao is a hilarious musical parody of classic film noir movies. Everyone who comes to Macao, China in 1952 is waiting for something, and though none of them knows exactly what that is, they hang around to find out. The characters include your film noir standards, like Laureena, the curvaceous blonde, who luckily bumps into Rick Shaw, the cynical surf-and-turf casino owner her first night in town. Then along comes Mitch, the American who has just been framed for murder by the mysterious villain “McGuffin.” With songs and quips, puns and farcical shenanigans, this musical parody is bound to please audiences of all ages.

All actors must be confident singers. Although there are no real dance roles and no intense choreography in the show, it would be helpful for the actors to have a dance sense when it comes to approaching the physicality and musicality of the characters. Most important is a good sense of comic parody.

Come prepared with 16 bars of an appropriate musical theatre song or a popular song from the 1940s or 1950s that fits the comic ilk of a film noir parody. Bottom line: choose something that best shows your vocal range and dexterity.

Readings will be available at the auditions.
Cast Descriptions
Lureena - (alto) a nightclub singer who arrives in Macao with nothing, hoping to find a job and forget her thieving ex-boyfriend; Attractive, perhaps a bit jaded, unlucky in love. She is our leading lady. She’s “a good egg”… she’s been through a lot, a tad cynical but still a romantic at heart. Perhaps a mixture of Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth and Jane Russell.
Mitch - (tenor) a private eye searching for Mr. McGuffin, an elusive character who framed him for murder; masculine and rugged and existentially tired. A bit brooding, he is running from something… or to something? He is the film noir hero who doesn’t speak easily and keeps his secrets well hidden. A Robert Mitchum type.
Rick - (bari-tenor) the shady nightclub owner; sleazy and dabbles in some illegal stuff. The second male lead. Classic film noir character who knows how to use a fedora, a cigarette and shadowy lighting.
Tempura - (bari-tenor) an Asian man (or is he really?) who works for Rick . Very TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON sort of subservient character… but maybe he’s really the smartest person in the show…?
Corinna - (mezzo) the current singer at Rick's who loves to be the star of the show and doesn't like to be ignored; the second banana role. Jealous and seductive.
Trench Coat Chorus - one man (baritone) and one woman (mezzo) who play many roles in the show such as bartender and cigarette girl, mysterious man and mysterious woman, crazy man and crazy woman, deranged man and deranged woman, ambiguous man and ambiguous woman... the list goes on and on. These roles require actors capable of jumping from one stock character to another in a flash. Proteans who do the work of dozens.

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