Thursday, July 17, 2014

David Boyajian

Sculptor David Boyajian, as part of WheelPassion,  interpreted Paul Minigiello's winning logo for the inaugural Danbury Audi Race4Scholars Criterion in 3D for an award  which will be unveiled at the winners' circle ceremonies on August 17th. The bike race will be held this summer in downtown Danbury on Sunday, August 17th. The Race, promoted by Duane Perkins, will help establish college scholarship funds for high school graduates who intend to major in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines, as well as medical and other relevant fields. Duane says, At a glance, the identity logo Paul Minigiello created for WHEELpassion completely captures the essence of the Race4Scholars Criterium. The image is sleek and portrays a look of speed and elegance. These are traits synonymous and complementary of our title sponsor, Danbury Audi. I witnessed the flow of creative energy of David Boyajian’s mind transform into a full-scale drawing on an old unfinished steel table in his studio. It was remarkable. The piece will be certain to represent our title sponsor in a powerful, aesthetic way."

For more information about WHEELpassion and the Danbury Audi Race4Scholars Criterium, visit

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