Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ival Kovner

New Exhibition: Bethel Library, Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, CT - my "Horse Drawn" drawings that remain after sales - some five foot long drawings now on the walls of the library where I first bicycled to meet my dearest friend - the library was less than 1/4 that size it is now. We would meet, breathe in the musty smell of the old books - and after selecting our reading materials, head to the toy store and purchase a candy bar for the trip home. Very special exhibiting in the small town where my family moved from NYC in 1952 - and although I've been elsewhere living and painting for many decades, I have always spent time in my hometown -and now have renovated the house/barn where I grew up - and the full studio attached to the main house. My husband, Ron, hung the show with me - and always is a good help - at least we were not driving the artwork into NYC as we had earlier - or renting a van - it worked out well - I am happy !! IvalK

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