Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Marsha Doran

Marsha Doran presents 'Fragmented Symbols' at Chelsea gallery show   


"Lotus" by Marsha Doran (2014, mixed media)
Marsha Doran
The Blue Mountain Gallery in Chelsea is currently presenting a series of works by Marsha Doran for an exhibition titled Fragmented Symbols. For this show, Doran unveils mixed media abstract pieces consisting of materials such as dress patterns, tissue paper, glue, acrylic paint, pencil, paper, marker, and ink. Doran’s subjects touch on religion and mythology by depicting various symbols like crosses, stars, or flowers. She starts out by creating sketches of these symbols which she dismantles, and then rearranges them so that they’re presented in a new manner that still honors their underlying meaning.
For instance, one piece titled Crosses features several images of the iconic symbol of Catholicism arranged haphazardly with red, gold, and white paint resembling fire to illustrate the notion of crosses being burned. Snippets of text are blended in reading messages such as “We all have our crosses to bear, we carry them heavily out of love for our brothers in arms.” Similarly, Star of David includes images of the iconic symbol of Judaism that overlap and covered primarily in white paint with touches of blue and gold. In the center of the painting is a small, clearly outlined navy blue box with a clear image of the star. In addition, there are snippets of text embedded in the piece including a dictionary definition of the Star of David.
Another work titled Lotus depicts the legendary plant which can be found in many corners of the globe with in numerous forms, but the classic Lotus flowers have pink and white leaves that are shaped like a bowl with a yellow center. Those lotuses are native to Asia and serves as a symbol to Hindu and Buddhist religions to represent reincarnation and divine beauty.
Marsha Doran studied at Western Connecticut State University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Studio art and Painting before earning her Master’s degree of Fine Arts in Painting from Boston University. She has also studied at SUNY Purchase in New York as well as at the Vermont Studio Center. She lives in Connecticut and has exhibited her work throughout the New England and New York area. Many of her paintings have been purchased into private collections, both nationally and internationally.
At The Blue Mountain Gallery, 530 W. 25th St., through Aug. 18. The gallery is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m.


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