Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ival Stratford-Kovner '86, '02

Ival received notice that she will be exhibiting her artwork at the 104th Annual Conference of the College Art Association (CAA) in  Washington, DC. On Feb. 5..

She is currently exhibiting at the Bethel Chamber of Commerce and during the second half of January 2016 will be showing at the Bethel library in the children's section (PS 92 in Harlem students). Ival also has a painting on permanent display in this area. 

Ival adds, "I am teaching drawing workshops at an equestrian riding academy - including anatomy of a horse and I am offering art instruction at my newly renovated art studio in Bethel." 

As an Alumni Association Board member, Ival is working on the idea to create an Alumni Art Society similar to the Nursing Society at WCSU. She wants to bring artists to various locations to paint and explore. Send us your thoughts and ideas at Would you join? Where would you like to go?

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