Tuesday, February 9, 2016

David Skora

David writes, "If all artists made the kind of art that tries to please everyone what you get is a boring vanilla world made up of automatons and sheep. A lot of conceptual art is challenging to look at and think about and a lot of it is crap.....this happens with everything else, Art, Music, Literature, Theater, Dance, etc. To get to the great stuff in Art, Music, Literature, Theater, Dance, etc. you have to explore all options, by experimenting and making the work challenging. Beloved artists like Van Gogh were thought in their time to be worthless and terrible. would you throw away a Van Gogh today? It's all perspective. Sure a lot of the conceptual art is shit but after going to a museum or gallery and seeing and experiencing art what do you remember seeing? probably the conceptual art that pissed you off.....it digs into your skin and makes you look at your self differently (a lot of people don't like that and want to play it safe all the time)...and that is the point of art.... hopefully to look at yourself and your world differently. on the other hand, if you don't like looking at challenging art you can always buy the poster of a kitty hanging on a bar with the words "hang in there baby" buy that poster and stick it up on your wall, tune your radio to top golden oldies station, sit back with a cup of warm milk and enjoy your boring life."

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