Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maryann Meken Silvestri '76

Award winning artist, Maryann writes, "My studio is set up for a holiday sale.

It will be open on Fri. Sat. & Sun. after Thanksgiving. Also, by apt. in Dec.

All glass work will be sold at wholesale prices."

For great Christmas gifts or to enhance your home, Email Maryann at

The above set is called a Penannular, a type of ancient Roman and Celtic clothing fastener. They were widely used in Britain around 200 AD and is thought to be the origin of later style medieval brooches and pins, such as closed ring and heart shaped brooches.

Based on the ancient style, this penannular can be used as a decorative fastener for shawls, scarves, capes and a coat embellishment.

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