Friday, February 17, 2012

Plight of the Pollinators: A Call to Artists

Art of the Earth
Art and Environment Series
First Challenge
“Plight of the Pollinators”

Plight of the Pollinators: A Call to Artists
Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust, in conjunction with Blue Horse Arts Studio, located in Watertown, Connecticut, seeks artwork for an upcoming exhibition in June, 2012. Artists will be challenged to create works of art inspired by nature and/or critical environmental issues. This “Art of the Earth” series of events will encompass seasonal group exhibitions starting this spring with an initial call for art and multimedia creations for a “Plight of the Pollinators” exhibition. This exhibition will be open to the local and online community in an effort to raise awareness of the vital importance of the role of pollinators in maintaining the health of our food and eco-systems. Partial proceeds from the sale of work from the exhibition and entry fees will be donated to Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust’s environmental educational programming.

 Exhibition opening will be held on Saturday June, 2nd, 2012.
The exhibition will run from June2, 2012 - June 22, 2012
Finalists will be notified by email on MAY, 15th, 2012
This event is open to all artists both professionals and students, whose work reflects the topic of pollination. The artwork selected by the jury for exhibition at “Field Projects” exhibition space must meet the space criterion of the gallery. Works that are site specific or oversized will be included in the online exhibition.
Finalist Artwork selected by jury panel.

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