Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reminder from Darby

Congratulations to Darby Cardonsky as the new MFA Coordinator. Darby is pulling together the accomplishments for the annual report.  She requests, "
Dear MFA Alum:

The MFA alumni continue to make outstanding progress in your professional lives.  The reports received this year of alumni activities in exhibition, publication, and teaching have been truly impressive, and any university would find them exceptional.  Margaret Grimes will be helping Darby to prepare the annual board report, and as always we would like to get as much material as we can from each of you.  Please, please, please send us your news and activities since March 2011 to  They will need it by March 1st at the latest, but earlier would be better!

Any questions, please call Darby at 203 837 8881."

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