Friday, April 12, 2013

Patte Corcoran '00

City Lights
37 Markle Court, Bridgeport, CT 06604

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Janice Bielawa, Tom Brenner, Patte Corcoran, Christy Gallagher, Steve Gerber, Bob Gregson, Carol Heft,Suzanne Kachmar,  Inna Linnov, Valerie Richardson, Rebecca Schwartz, Joel Spector, David Teti, Greg Van Antwerp, Charlie Walsh, Mary Witkowski

The exhibit presents sketches and drawings from raw and rough to refined. Techniques include a broad range of possibilities simple cartoon drawings inscribed into shale stones collected on the Finger Lakes to figure studies, working sketches for murals and sculpture to studies for oil paintings done on an iPad using the ArtRage app. Even a series of traditional drawings in silverpoint have a refined yet rough quality.

Why “Sketch”

The first manifestation of a good idea is usually a quick sketch. The synthesis of thought or observation transposed to paper through immediate marks made with simple tools is a sublime marvel. This exhibit will consider the creative thinking process through drawing, featuring sketches, drawings, renderings and artists’ working sketches.
Contemporary works on view represent some the oldest to the newest methods of drawing and sketching, from petroglyphs of Greg Van Antwerp on shale, to working sketches by Valerie Richardson for oil paintings executed on an iPad. Another historical point of interest will be the working cartoon from a large painting by late mural artists Bernard Riley, whose works include the mural at the Burroughs Saden Library in downtown Bridgeport. (We are planning an exhibit of his work this year.)
See some of the works.

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