Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jamison Odone

Jamison writes, "Hey folks,
Just wanted to shoot out an email before the weekend. 
My new book, Lies In The Dust: A Tale Of Remorse From The Salem Witch Trials was just given a great write-up in The Boston Globe today. Here's the link: Lies In The Dust review

Being in the Globe feels kinda cool since I went to college there. Feels like I must be doing something right with my life.

This is my first graphic novel...but also my first book under the pen name of Jakob Crane. In 2015 it is looking like it will also hit the stage as a play! So now I have to write the play...

So the reason for this email...well of course is to promote my book but also to say that if any of you tweet please follow and mention @jakobcrane or #liesinthedust and I will forever be in your debt. 

Because after all--he is exactly as cool as me:)

Be well,"

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