Thursday, September 29, 2016


MARY LOU ALBERETTI '64, invites you to...
The Twain Shall Meet...East Meets West
October 1, 2016, opening
Second reception, Saturday October 1; Meet the artist
Wine and conversation... 4:00pm videotaping and discussion of the work
Mixed media, oils, and ceramic reliefs comprise the thirty new works in Mary Lou Alberetti’s current show entitled The Twain Shall Meet. The artist uses architecture and architectural fragments - inspired by her travels and studies in Italy, Spain, France, Turkey and Morocco - as metaphors for the cultures as a whole. The distinct colors and motifs from these living, breathing cultures influence her works. From these often-ancient places, tradition, beauty, and the patina accrued by time become distilled as layered vignettes, delving into aesthetic and philosophical underpinnings of older civilizations and times.
For further information and visuals please contact. or and visit the artist’s website at or email
Crossing 2016, oil on paper. 23” x 29”

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