Thursday, March 29, 2012

MFA Thesis Exhibition opens this afternoon at 4:30

Join us in Higgins Gallery, WCSU midtown campus in Higgins Hall Annex to meet Christopher Donnelly (Illustration) and Renee Bascetta (Illustration),  along with the 2012 MFA Thesis Exhibitors: Jennifer Wyzykowski (Illustration, work posted Mar 26) Amy Almeida (Painting, see her work posted Mar 26) Ensoo Park (Painting, work posted Mar 27 afternoon) Christina Ciacci (Painting, work posted Mar 27 morning) Angeli Robinson (Painting, work posted her Mar 27 afternoon) Tiffany Johnson (Painting, work posted Mar 27 morning) Linda Ann Rynkowski (Painting, work posted Mar 27 morning) and Megan Marden (Painting, posted Mar 27 afternoon).
Chris Donnelly "Flour Sack Viking" watercolor & pencil on paper 6"x6"
Renee Bascetta "Untitled" watercolor on paper 12" x 16"

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