Thursday, November 29, 2012

Call to artists - RGA

Resolution 2013 Prospectus- CALL TO ARTISTS
Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Ridgefield

Important Dates:
Receiving: Friday, Jan. 11–Sun., Jan. 13, 12–4pm
Opening Reception: Sat., Jan. 19, 4–6pm; snow date: Sun., Jan 20, 4–6pm
Pick Up of All Art Work: Sun., Feb. 17, 4pm, Mon. & Tues., Feb 18 & 19, 12–4pm.

Resolution isn't just a word for the effort we might make at the beginning of the year to lose weight or recycle more. Resolution can also refer to a conflict, for example, within the artistic process, which has been brought to conclusion-or not! Our art-making presents us with many challenges, and this members-only show seeks art that reflects the ways the concept of resolution applies.

Up to three entries in any media may be submitted. Wall-hung art must be wired and ready for hanging; sculptors must supply their own pedestals if necessary. Work cannot weigh more than 150 lbs., or be larger than 60 inches in any direction. Artists might be asked to set up unusual installations.

For each entry, please write a description of the resolution referred to in the work. You can write one sentence, or a paragraph, but not more than 150 words. The writings will be displayed along with your art. We have found that visitors to the Guild actually do read the written pieces, so please take the time to explain your work and draw your viewer in.

Please download the entry form from the web site (when available) and bring it to the guild. Also, email and attach a separate Word file for each work you submit to: Name each file as follows: last name firstinitial short title.doc. Each document must include your name, the title of the work, the medium, and the price typed on separate lines, followed by your statement. Please do not use any special formatting within the document.

For example, the text for a single entry would look like this:
Maggie Smith
Breaking the Barrier
The description of wind and water in the medium of paint has been an ongoing challenge in my work in the last 25years. Finally, I figured out how to represent these elements so that….etc, etc….up to 150 words!

The title of this document would be: smith m breaking.doc. If you have any questions about this, please contact the Guild.

The entry fee is $10 per piece. The standard Guild commission rate is 40/60% for all sales of art exhibited in the show.

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