Sunday, November 11, 2012

Casting Call invite from Cint Nejame

If you are interested after reading this, contact Michelle (address below) Send her a head shot and resume or just list your experience however brief....This is a very reputable source and could result in some great opportunities...

We are looking for local talent to cast for our staged reading of the screenplay. The movie will film this summer and any actors cast in the reading will have the opportunity to audition for the movie. We are located in Danbury, CT.
What is truly unique about this story is the opportunity to see the power of an educational program taught by a dynamic teacher and how the scope of those important lessons can ultimately shape and sometimes change lives. In this story we see the manifestation of those lessons through the eyes of our main character and how the impact of those lessons change decisions and impact other lives over the course of the film. The character education lessons utilized in this film were developed by Tim Salem, our screenwriter, and subsequently shared with colleagues in the Greater Danbury area.

We are also looking for some adult roles. If you should know of any adult, or student that you feel would be interested in any of the parts please contact me ASAP at:
Casting a staged reading of a new screenplay.
The film is a coming of age journey for a teenager who is struggling to find his identity. This inner turmoil puts him into direct conflict both at home and in school. His journey intersects with five other lives that are also dramatically altered as a result of their relationship with him. The character of the teacher is the inspiration for the main character to truly follow his heart and make the decisions that are right for him, despite being pulled in different directions by loved ones and friends.
Character descriptions:
Ty: (male) African American, Attractive, Athletic 16-18 yrs. Ty is bright, insightful, seemingly confident on the outside but struggling to find himself; conflicted initially caught in the web of popularity but slowly that is peeled away as he begins sees the world differently.
Kory: (female) Caucasian, 16-18 years. Extremely intelligent but not always confident enough to show it, somewhat withdrawn from the "in" crowd and still struggling to cope w/ Mom's untimely death and her Dad's issues.
Tiffany: (female) African American, 16-18 years. Beautiful, above average intellectually, but her intelligence is lost in her own narrow-minded view of the world in her eyes it is the "have's vs the have nots" she also relishes in her own popularity and enjoys being cruel.
Cal: (male) Caucasian, mid 40’s/early 50’s Struggling to cope with the loss of his wife and his responsibilities to his daughter; genius doctor who cannot seem to get back into a "normal" routine. His uncanny instincts as a doctor made him revered by colleagues.
Trevor: (male) African American mid 40’s-early 50’s. Ty’s father. Rose out of the depths of poverty to become an extremely successful businessman; however, he has forgotten his roots in the process as well as the empathy that accompanied that progression. Puts him in conflict with Ty.
Mrs. Laws: (female) mid 40’s-early 50’s. Deeply caring teacher who's singular goal is to make her students more empathetic, compassionate and widen perspectives she cares for the personal success of all students, putting their needs ahead of her own. Internally she struggles with the loss of her husband and is still ashamed about how she treated him initially; which fuels her desire to "do right" by kids even more.
Adele: (female) African American. 40s. Doting housewife and Mother who follows her husband's lead out of loyalty; but is conflicted as she sees her son growing/changing unfortunately, she waits too long to make her voice heard.
Emory: Ty's trusted best friend. Loyal, strong personality recognizes the unbelievable talent Ty posesses (perhaps more so than Ty!) the type of friend most would want in their corner. Good athlete but not in the caliber of Ty; and he is ok with that.
Braden: AA Lanky, Attractive. Outstanding athlete Very trendy. Needs to center of attention and trying to "make a name" for himself. Arrogant, cocky, unfriendly. He is conflicted between allowing himself to become a super-star athlete vs the brazen and bold lifestyle of the gang. Attracted to Tiffany.
Caitlin: Caucasian. 16-18. Kory’s best friend. Supportive friend. Caitlin is gay and bullied about her sexuality.

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