Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aline Marie '01

Aline writes from her own blog about March Madness,

"Most of you know I've been teaching and working behind the scenes at Carlsbad Wellness and Yoga. I started there in November as teacher, then started to just organize the teachers and classes, and then I got tossed into the mix of somehow helping to run the studio. Now I have a fancy title "program director" and this really interesting commitment and responsibility to help an entire building of people feel safe, and to make sure people are taken care of. To say it's been a learning experience is an understatement. I've hired some phenomenal teachers, I've had to let some go, I've been blessed with some strong teachers that are grounded, amazing and have perseverance, I've had teachers quit via text message, two out of three owners quit, and somehow we've doubled our student base despite the changes. It's been nuts, I've just been breathing, and taking the fetal position aka childs pose, as often as possible!"

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