Saturday, June 2, 2012

Veronica Swain '10 needs volunteers

For over 30 years serving thousands of at-risk youth and families in Greater Bridgeport, GBAPP is excited to announce the 6th Annual City Kidz Got Skillz event taking place this November 9th, 2012 in Downtown Bridgeport. GBAPP’s overall goal with this event is to inspire kids to work to succeed. By providing a stage to perform and having a chance to win cash awards, City Kidz Got Skillz can be a positive catalyst to help keep kidz on track to both academic and artistic achievement. We want as many kidz as possible to have an opportunity to participate in this event as artists, performers, or audience members.

We’re looking for some motivated people out there – adults and teens – that would like to be a part of making this special event even more special for the youth involved. Between beforehand publicity and day-of logistics, there is something for anyone and everyone, no matter how much time you have. Come be a part of something great! Contact Veronica Swain to volunteer: For more information, see

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